I was casually strolling through my dash and i see gossip paul and im like WTF!?!? and saw the picture and started flipping out! I have recently started watching gossip girl and let me tell you i love this! you should find out a way to do blast! like things about one direction!

glad you like the idea :) you’ll find one or more accounts like mine, but i’ll have you know i was the original. i used to do 1D Updates here, but in the style of Gossip Girl. it was fabulous, and everybody loved me. but then i stopped. anyway, i have two tags if you wanna see the good stuff:

the further you scroll back, the better it’ll probably get.

your blog is flawless xx

Thanks gorgeous. I know right? I also have two Mulberry satchels signed by Louis, and a lock of Harry’s straightened hair, which is insured for $7000. I was in a Pepsi commercial. With One Direction. My favorite movie is Up All Night: The Live Tour. One time, I met Liam on a plane. And he told me I was fabulous. One time, I punched Niall in the face. It was so hot. I always looks fierce. I always win Spring Fling King. I am Gossip Paul.

Calling Eleanor fake won’t make you any more real to the boys. Calling Danielle talentless doesn’t make you talented. And ruining One Direction’s life definitely won’t make you any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.

♔ Gossip Paul ♔

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