In response to Anon’s question, Half A Heart is my favourite song on MM. But I laugh every time he sings about walking around with just one shoe because I see them all doing their deadly serious Gotta Be You walk through the woods with just one shoe and wtf

Also, you said Through The Dark was yours, and it’s probably my second favourite. Usually I’m a sucker for the faster songs, like I Would in TMH, but I find I’m paying more attention to those two slower songs (I just keep the album on replay all day in the background) (I know, I’ve already cheated on ARTPOP - heinous!!)

I’m just ridiculously happy because I like every song heaps, and that was simply not the case with their previous albums.

The song style and distribution is predictable, yet pleasing. Predictable is what we want with One Direction. It’s a cookie-cutter sound, safe, but fun, and altogether a lovely experience.

Their key sounds being, one, the roaring fast-paced choruses in: HappilyDiana, Midnight Memories, Does He Know, and Best Song Ever, and two, the Ed Sheeran-influenced: Story Of My Life, Half A Heart, You And I, and Through The Dark.

Alive is a complete Jonas Brothers song, while sounding uncannily like 5IVE’s Keep On Movin. Little Black Dress is straight outta the halls of McKinley High in Glee. Midnight Memories sounds like it’s from the next Camp Rock soundtrack.

That’s all.

kEEP DIGGING URSELF INTO THAT HOLE HAHA ((no srsly, 'for one direction"? i mean kwl that's your opinion but ouch))

it’s as good as they can get, like this album brings them level to the jonas brothers in terms of songwriting and production, BUT NICK JONAS WROTE VIRTUALLY ALL THEIR MATERIAL - that’s the difference.

There’s a different kind of respect and perspective of an artist when they’ve done more from their own abilities. Sure, the boys will put heaps of effort in, but it’s still mostly not their own work. It’s their voices - and even then, it’s just the average vocal ability of a successful band. It’s not like they’re classically trained or anything. They’re good, but only good. Not exceptional. Not unique. They’re the fast food end of the industry, pre-packaged, processed and fed to the hungry tweens around the world like copy-cat chanel. 

I still like the songs, though. I’m just prepared to admit that to myself and anybody who questions my choices in music.

Besides that, though, I like the boys, individually, most. I probably would still listen to the music if they were complete pricks though. but who knows

What's your fav song from the album ? Mines through the dark ❤️❤️

I’m not familiar with them enough to have one yet, but I’ll give my overall first impression:

It’s very similar to Take Me Home, but 

…actually, there is no “but”. It has the same sound as Take Me Home, and that’s the truth. Slightly tweaked but, nonetheless, the same.

Not that that’s exactly a bad thing. If it was any other artist it would be questionable, as artists are expected to evolve between albums. But this is 1D, and what works for them will keep working for them.

On the bright side, when I say ‘it sounds the same as TMH’, I really mean to say ‘it sounds like the best songs that were meant to be on TMH’. The songs are superior to those on TMH, that is for sure. It just sounds like the TMH songs were demos leading up to Midnight Memories.

FYI Harry so did not want to be there and his eyes were totes red but yeh that was crazy and I love them so much except I feel kinda sorry for them because I could see the facade all too easily it’s starting to become a job for them. Everything is too rehearsed, scripted. What natural aspects there once were have now been stripped nearly in their entirety. It’s a shame, but their actual harmonising has improved exponentially. Zayn and Liam are exceptional, and Zayn is the one with a voice worthy of a solo career although it’s already clear he lacks the many other important aspects to succeed on such a path. The boys are in a band for a reason, and in the music industry they can only truly be successful, at this point in time and at least fit a while, as a group. And girls you scream way to loud my ears are still ringing luvyubuthaychu


um like no way i am totally NOT going to one direction tomorrow wow so utterly completely LAME like ew no way they’re satanic HOMO devil worshippers.

and even if i was - IF - i would so totally NOT be monumentally excited like what am i a twelve year old white girl? mi scusi signorina the answer to that cakewalk question is No with a capital N.