You commented on my power point and I am so sorry if I offended you. I added in the description a link telling everyone it was a joke. Please don't hate me, it was only a joke and I'm so sorry. x

Oh no I didn’t mean to sound offended at all - quite the contrary. I would rather commend your efforts in jokingly trying to lift the bar for standards in this somewhat shambolic fandom. I understand that it is a joke, but I much prefer to view it in all seriousness. As I mentioned in my comment below the post, everything you have mentioned is at least somewhat true, though some may be difficult to admit by many, or all.

So there’s clearly no reason to be sorry. I believe you raised important issues, and executed them well - though not in my preferred style (thus “not my favourite”, but it’s still way up there :)). I’m curious to know your reaction to my reply.. I have indeed read your text post regarding the joke, but come on, was it really? Because I seriously can not be the only one who actually agrees, to some extent, with most, if not all, of the things in your post.

I’m obviously looking far too deeply into this, forgive me. I just have this sort of moral obsession to keep the fans in check. I know right? Who the hell am I to think that such a frivolous duty is mine?? Neither do I - it’s just how I am, I guess. I simply hate it when people forget that the boys are not only human beings, but young adults who are still developing their own personal identities. Yes, anybody has the right to dream about the boys on the stairs, but it is within the boys' own rights to be allowed who they want to be - and for the fans not to tell them who they think they should be.

I could go on forever. Maybe I might even do a full on RE: powerpoint in response  or based on yours and others I have read. The thing is, though, I’ve said it all before on my blog. Just, nobody really pays attention when they see a long text post on their dash. I did begin to tag them with “advice”, I think, toward the end of my time as an Updates blog, so if people snoop around, they’ll definitely turn up here and there.

and you tell me again, you prefer handsome men

Hey guys, to save you all from my larry posts, I made a new blog last night. It’s exactly the same as this blog, except with posts with just harry or louis - not necessarily larry-oriented all the time - and maybe the occasional “lookalike”. You know me and what to expect, I don’t post/reblog too much at once, so you won’t ever get me spamming your dashboard. Follow if you like :) x

Any tips for meeting 1D in their hotel? I'm going there at 7am, do you know the time they usually come in their hotel? Please

Sorry I don’t know things like that. There are obviously going to be a lot of girls, and also their security. Your best chances are probably if you and a SMALL group of friends - or better yet, your family - book into the hotel, have a room, and you can wait in the front cafe or lobby seating area. That’s the best idea I can think of, but I could be completely wrong. Good luck, I hope you can meet them on a good day. I trust you’re sensible but please don’t scream, steal locks of their hair, items of clothing or virginity. in some countries that’s seen as really rude, and you don’t want to offend the boys, do you. might ruin your chances with your future husbands by groping them on the first date ya feel me.

peace out byotchz

keep it real keep it safe

and may the boys’ sex drives and lack of judgement be ever in your favour

#tryspikingtheirdrinks #workslikeacharm #gossippauldatingtips XO XO

and like what happened to grimmers like weren’t they like best mates i never see anything about them anymore

and people losing their shit about caroline flack

and every other blonde harry was found in the same photograph of. or car. or hotel.

and and and okay that’s enough one direction for today bye