You called him a monster, and then you turned him into one. You’ve hated him for years, and finally he’s given you all the reasons to allow you peace in your now “justified” words of contempt.
And we wonder why we have so many troubled youths, who have been put down and fighting their whole lives, with the deep stigma against them - We’ve been practising it all our lives, and now you want to crucify a boy who simply had a high voice, feminine features, and what you decided was an unappealing haircut. Why are we so incapable of giving second chances? Why so afraid of third, fourth and fifth chances? Why does one person anger you so? Because if your blood boils from the actions of one selfish boy you do not even know, then the problem is from within yourself. If you think what he does and says will destroy your children, then you yourself have failed as a parent. If you think his DUI or smoking marijuana will influence your children, you are kidding yourself. Look closer to home, because those things run deep right where you live. Open your eyes! Burning one teenager at the stake won’t solve your own problems.
The devil does not reside in Justin Bieber, but rather wears a nice suit and sleeps inside your bed. Wake up.

I'm so disappointed that taylor lost to daft punk (i dont hate them tho) thoughts?

I didn’t watch the Grammys but I heard and saw her reaction! I do like Random Access Memories but I only listen to 1 song from it: Instant Crush (which is, by the way, AAAAmazing). Get Lucky and Doin It Right are pretty fun to dance to, too. Otherwise, it’s a completely overrated album. The production is bloody amazing, but it really isn’t the best album of the year. Neither is RED, but I think it deserved a Grammy a lot more. And I read about all the awards Macklemore won which is bullshit. Tbh I think he’s completely using the gay rights thing to his own advantage but that’s a whole other story.

PS the new Maleficent trailer makes me cry it’s that amazing. Lana’s cover is out of this world and I honestly think the trailer should win an award. In love with it and have watched it a gazillion times in 1080p HD lol. ps ya’ll should follow me on my super secret side blog hesitant-tranny which i don’t want to be secret anymore #beyoung #bedope #bePROUD

also, people hating on taylor and bieber this week are all just misguided souls lacking empathy and true perception - they’ve been brain washed by the media and the internet culture tbh. wow i sound like a crazy activist but yeah it’s disgusting how much time people spend hating and making fun of people - even if it’s just a Facebook Like.

we’ve been conditioned to make fun of certain celebrities - and bullying + low self-esteem are just two of the many side effects which troubles today’s society. If we’re capable of so easily putting down beautiful rich men and women, it’s going to have a major effect close to home. Even if it just starts as a joke. #notcool